How to Prepare

The preparation for Soul Summit falls into two distinct areas:

  1. the weekdays before Sunday morning, and
  2. Sunday mornings before 9:00.

Before Sunday Morning

A great deal of work goes into preparing a Soul Summit production during the week preceding that Sunday morning. If there are materials that are required to prepare for or function during Soul Summit, fill out and turn in the following Children’s Ministry Request for Resources form.

The work required to produce Soul Summit breaks down into the following major tasks:

Application tool

As every month in Soul Summit is centered on a specific virtue, each virtue is typically accompanied by an application tool to help ingrain the understanding and practice of that month’s virtue. Making these application tools available to the children on the first Sunday of each month is important to creating a way to focus the children on how to express that month’s virtue. Application tools can either be ordered or made by our volunteers in sufficient quantity for the month. In either case, certain steps can be taken to ensure there are enough application tools and that they are available in time for the desired month:

Step 1: Login to and access the virtue content for the month to identify the application tool for the month. The document will provide a full description and usually has recommendations for where to locate them.

Step 2: Determine whether to buy or build enough application tools for all the children coming to Soul Summit plus potential visitors. The Children’s Ministry will approve funding for either purchasing the application tools or the materials required to build them.


Each week we study the virtue of the month, and there are drama skits that enforce the definition and application of the virtue. These skits are written to provide a dramatization of a character choosing not to follow the virtue, the character having a crisis due to the decision not to follow the virtue, and a resolution from deciding to follow the virtue after all.

The drama content is provided by 252Basics ( and is downloaded by the Skit Coordinator from the secured 252Basics internet site. Judson Baptist has a license to access and use this material in Soul Summit.

The drama used in Soul Summit consists of the hosts welcome sketch, clubhouse skits, and character studies, costumes, and props.

Hosts welcome sketch

Soul Summit is hosted by a credible host and a comic host. Generally, the comic host doesn’t fully understand the way to apply the virtue, and the credible host attempts to provide that understanding. The welcome sketches demonstrate what makes the monthly virtue so important to the children in a humorous way. The Skit Coordinator downloads the welcome sketch and provides it to the Show Producer and Hosts one or two weeks before the target Sunday morning so the lines can be added to the monitor, and the hosts can become familiar with the lines and overall message.

Clubhouse skits

Each week, the Soul Summit clubhouse characters dramatize the application of the monthly virtue. There are several youth roles and two adult roles that are used to provide a study on each virtue (refer to character studies & costumes for more details). The Skit Coordinator downloads the welcome sketch and provides it to the Show Producer and all skit actors the month before the target Sunday morning so the lines can be added to the monitor and the actors can memorize the lines and understand the overall message. A rehearsal with all actors is held 30 minutes before the Sunday’s Soul Summit at 8:30 AM. Any necessary modifications to the script can be made by the Director, Skit Coordinator, or adult actors at that time.

Character studies, costumes & props

The following several pages contain character studies of all the clubhouse personalities as well as suggested costumes representative of each character’s major traits or interests. Costuming and props are managed by the actors and the Skit Coordinator.

Character Studies & Costumes

Here are some costuming suggestions for the sketch characters of the Soul Summit production. These are general suggestions with plenty of wiggle room. You may wish to modify things to suit your actors, your interpretation of the characters’ personalities, your own culture, and your available resources.


The ultimate gizmo-gadget guy. His costume shows the audience at once that this guy values intellect over appearance. Although his clothes are not always traditional “geek,” they are a reflection of his constant logical, scientific approach to life. He may cut a pocket protector hole in a normally “cool” shirt. He should always be iPod, cell phone, and tech-ready. His pockets can be full of sticky notes, pens, and various cables, adapters, and technical gear.


A hyperactive, budding filmmaker. Tyler’s costume goes together only in Tyler’s head. He can appreciate his director’s hat, his bohemian style pants, and his shoes that could easily have been worn by his grandfather. His camera should be regarded as a part of his costume. He constantly adapts his own costume by attaching press passes, movie tickets, and meaningful reminders to it.


Adventurous, dare-devil, extreme sports guy. Vinny’s costume can change with his current activity. His “base” costume should reflect the ability to act immediately and with great style. He is aware of the latest and greatest brands of sportswear. His colors are loud. He loves the “in” brands of all his gear.


The quintessential renaissance kid. Marshal is the closest to a “clean slate” costume. His costume actually builds on a blank base look. Jeans and a solid t-shirt are all he needs as a blank look. The rest of Marshall’s look is dictated by his current interest. He may be a Native American one week, a Trekkie the next, and a renaissance re-enactor the next. Marshall is the reason to make friends with a local costume rental shop.


Class president who is always up on the latest, coolest fashion. Cammie’s look is based on the most popular girl at your local school. Her 4.0 GPA can almost be predicted by her stylish, clean, crisp look. Everything from her hair to her toenails is in its proper place. You should know by looking at her careful choice of clothing that social skills are easy for her.


The non-conformist. Sam is an eclectic throwback to an ideal ‘60s look. This doesn’t mean her clothing could have been from the ‘60s, but rather that you would expect her to be involved with some offbeat interests. Natural fiber – but no animal products – and attention to recycling are hallmarks of the clothes in her closet. A jeans jacket look with flowing skirts is what makes this character feel at home.

Grandpa Henry

Adult character. Gordo’s grandfather. Mrs. F(inkenhoeffer)’s father. Henry fixes things. He frequently repairs stuff around the clubhouse and in the neighborhood, so he may be partial to coveralls, cargo pants, or your basic “work” trousers and shirts. Steel-toed boots might also be favored. A different interpretation of Henry could be the nutty professor type characterized by Doc Brown in Back to the Future.

Mrs. F

Adult character. Gordo’s mother. Grandpa Henry’s daughter. Up to date on the latest fads and trends, Gloria is modern and fashionable without dressing “too young.”

Technical Production

The technical production for Soul Summit accounts for all audio and visual requirements for a given Sunday. The technical production refers to the audio and visuals that the audience will view and experience. All elements of the Soul Summit production are created and stored in a Keynote (.KEY) file…

… and displayed on screen from an iPad using the Keynote app.

Virtue definition & bottom line: The curriculum of Soul Summit is based on the 36 Godly virtues that we explore every month. Each virtue has a definition that we learn and repeat each week and a bottom line – or way to apply the virtue – that is new for every week. The definition and bottom line are presented visually on slides (see below), taught verbally, and demonstrated using sign language (use and for translation of words to sign language) for the children to experience using multiple learning methods.

Song videos: There are several times during Soul Summit when the children sing songs. The songs are a welcome song, a praise song, the virtue song, an invitation song, and an exit song. The lyrics for all songs are shown in time with the music to facilitate the worship leader and motions leader as well as giving the children the words to sing. To ensure that the words always appear at the right time, each song in Soul Summit is made into a movie file which includes the song, background images or video, and lyrics. Typically, Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows or iMovie for Mac is used to add these elements together into the finished product:

The finished product is either a .WMV file (Windows) or an .MP4 file (Mac), which is embedded in the Soul Summit .KEY production file:

Drama sound effects: In addition to the songs that are sung during Soul Summit, there are dramatic productions as well. Often, these skits call for sound effects, which are collected and embedded into the Soul Summit .KEY production file (see below). The sound effects can be ripped from a CD or downloaded from the internet. Sites typically used to locate sound effects include…

Usually, sound effects (.MP3 or .WAV files) are loaded in an iPhone app called Big Button Remote to be cued and played during a portion of the skit.

Drama images: There are times when a portion of the drama (typically, the Welcome Sketch) calls for an image to be displayed. These are usually specific images defined in the drama content downloaded from 252Basics. Usually, a Google image search provides an ample selection of a desired image, which is embedded into the Soul Summit .KEY production file.

Tithe & Offering Videos: During the period when Soul Summit collects the tithe and offerings from the children, a calming background video and soundtrack are played. This is created as either a .WMV file (Windows) or an .MP4 file (Mac) the same way the song videos are produced.

Virtue videos: The monthly curriculum that Soul Summit uses from 252Basics is coordinated with not only the monthly virtue but also the weekly bottom line. All content for the week is based on the virtue by focusing on a passage of scripture that ties together all the skits and the virtue video. Judson has an annual subscription for a DVD with the files of the virtue videos received every quarter. The Children’s Ministry manages the subscription to these video DVDs. The files are embedded into the Soul Summit .KEY production file the same way that the song video files are done.

Virtue lesson verses: With the 252Basics curriculum effectively tying all the components of the Soul Summit content together by a specific passage of scripture every week, the message or virtue lesson time is also based on this same passage. It is provided with the weekly information from 252Basics, along with a corresponding lesson title:

Virtue lesson images: Similar to the drama images that are called for in the drama content, when a lesson is prepared, it is often effective to use an image to help make a point in the teaching. Sometimes, the appropriate image is a graphic of something that occurred in biblical times. Other times, the best image is an abstract item. Other times, the image is a collection of specifics graphical elements and words to make the concept complete. These files are embedded into the Soul Summit .KEY production file:

Announcements: Just before the children are dismissed from Soul Summit, they are reminded of what events are coming up soon in the future. These are listed in a graphical format and embedded into the Soul Summit .KEY production file:

Monitor production

While the technical production elements deal with the audio and visuals that the audience will experience, the monitor production deals with the content provided to the hosts, leaders, and actors on stage during Soul Summit. These elements are displayed on the television monitor at the back of the Soul Summit room.

Sketches & clubhouse skits: The lines for all the sketches and skits are prepared online in SlideRocket ( and presented using the SlideRocket iPad app file on the monitor. They are against a dark background using different font colors for each of the characters and italics for stage directions.

Songs: The same song video files that are used in the technical production .KEY are embedded in the monitor SlideRocket app as well. An effective technique is to launch the video on the monitor iPad and wait a second before launching the same video on the technical production iPad. This technique times the words on the monitor to appear a second or so before the other, giving the worship leader an opportunity to see the next lyric before the song video plays it.

Virtue lessons: The iPad displaying the production elements is hooked up to dual display to both the front screen and the rear monitor for the virtue lesson content. A transition is made to set the iPad to dual display after the preparation of Pre-K and Kindergarteners to leave Soul Summit early for their lesson time.

Announcements: The iPad displaying the production elements is hooked up to dual display to both the front screen and the rear monitor for the virtue lesson content.

Sunday mornings from 9:00 to 10:30

Once all preparations have been made for Soul Summit, the production is cued and children begin to arrive. The execution breaks down into the following major areas:

Sign-in process: At the sign-in kiosks, parents will sign-in each child on the computer, print our the sticker for each child, keep the associated claim ticket with the matching security number, and place the sticker on the front of the child’s clothing. The matched security numbers on both the sticker and claim ticket serve to ensure that the child is returned to the parent who has the matching claim end.

Counting attendance: The Welcome/Sign-in Leaders count how many children and adults are attending Soul Summit each week. This tally is reported to the church office along with the offering amount collected.

Counting offering: After the offering is collected, the Welcome/Sign-in Leaders count the money donated by the children and report it to the church office.

Completed documentation: After all sheets are completed (offering tally, attendance records, visitor information, visitor sheet), they are returned to the plastic bin outside the door of the Soul Summit room.

Transition to Children’s LIFE Groups: At two times during Soul Summit – [1] pre-K and Kindergarten transition after the skits and before the message (AKA the Split), and [2] first graders through fourth graders transition at the end of Soul Summit. The children are accompanied by a grade/class leader from Soul Summit to their LIFE Groups. In all cases, Soul Summit grade leaders are responsible for ensuring that the children leave the Soul Summit room and enter the LIFE Group classrooms in the care of the appropriate LIFE Group teachers.

Pre-K & Kindergarten: The pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children assemble during the Split –– signaled by playing Jesus Loves the Little Children –– and are taken to their LIFE Groups. This occurs typically at or around 9:45AM. All the first grade through fourth grade children stay for the remainder of Soul Summit and are taken to their respective LIFE Groups at the end.

  • 9:45 – 9:55 The Pre-K & Kindergarten children assemble in the hallway outside of Soul Summit where they line up against the wall. One of the leaders calls their names to make sure everyone is present before going downstairs to the classrooms.
  • 9:55 – 10:05 Once the children are in their classrooms, the children line up to wash their hands. There is also usually a line to use the restrooms. The children also receive a snack during this time. The snack is usually goldfish and water served in paper cups. It is best if the snacks are prepared before the children are brought down to the classrooms. One of the Pre-K or Kindergarten leaders can prepare the snack before going to the classrooms. The children eat their snacks at the tables and not on the carpets. Those children who do not want a snack can sit on the carpet and wait until story time.
  • 10:05 – 10:15 This is Soul Summit Bible story time for Pre-K and Kindergarteners. The Bible story is retrieved from the 252Basics website so this session ties to the teaching, skits, and content of the rest of Soul Summit. The content usually comes from the K-5 Word Documentsfound in the 252Basics Curriculum Downloads webpage. Typically, the section used is called “Power Up: Engage the Heart” part 2: Present the Bible Lesson. Sometimes there are other pages of content that can be used for the lesson if the group is particularly small. At the beginning of each month the Virtue is printed and hung on the wall for the children to see. Each Sunday, the bottom line is printed on a page so the children can review it also during story time. The children also receive the bible reference of the lesson on paper, usually placed in each child’s Bible. The target finish time for this session is by 10:15 because the children need to be in LIFE Group classes for the second hour of church.
  • 10:15 – 10:20 The children move to the Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms for the second hour of church. They line up, and the Soul Summit adult leaders check their names off the rolls before they go to the next classroom. Make sure the children take their Bibles and belongings when they go. The Soul Summit leader takes the children to the destination classroom and their LIFE Group leaders. The Soul Summit rolls remain with the each LIFE Group leader.

First through Fourth Grades: The designated grade leaders retrieve the attendance rolls from the sign-in table and call the children by name one class/grade at a time. The children form a line and proceed to their LIFE Group class with their grade leader. The grade leader will stay with the children in the destination classroom until the LIFE Group leader arrives. The Soul Summit roll for that class/grade is left with the LIFE Group leader.

Welcome, and thank you for joining us in Soul Summit.

This information has been assembled with YOU in mind. All of us who work in this very special children’s ministry want you to feel confident in what we do to serve the children at Judson Baptist Church.

So, what is it we do in Soul Summit?

Our primary mission in Soul Summit is to invest in the lives of children in these ways…

  1. We teach them that God is big enough for them to trust with anything.
  2. We show them to be friends who have a positive influence.
  3. We add another mentoring voice telling them the same things you do as parents.
  4. We share wisdom from the Bible that they can remember when they come home.
  5. We reinforce what their parents teach them at home. 

Soul Summit is everything “big church” is for adults, geared toward the understanding and enjoyment of children. We make learning about God fun, meaningful, and memorable. From singing praise & worship songs to paying tithes & offerings to giving a message & invitation, we teach kids what to expect and how to behave in a real church service.

Everything the children see and hear in Soul Summit is centered on God’s virtues. Each month, we focus on a different one of God’s virtues, sing about it, and study it every week. We give them relevant Bible stories and present skits to show a practical application. We cover three full years worth of virtues in Soul Summit – 36 revelations of God’s character that all of us try to learn and practice. The virtues are…

  1. Love
  2. Responsibility
  3. Individuality/Uniqueness/Creativity
  4. Cooperation
  5. Compassion
  6. Discipline
  7. Service
  8. Honesty
  9. Friendship
  10. Endurance/Perseverance
  11. Wisdom
  12. Contentment
  13. Trust
  14. Initiative
  15. Respect
  16. Uniqueness
  17. Peace
  18. Orderliness
  19. Kindness
  20. Courage
  21. Joy
  22. Patience
  23. Humility
  24. Self-control
  25. Honor
  26. Knowledge
  27. Determination
  28. Gratitude
  29. Generosity
  30. Resourcefulness
  31. Fairness
  32. Hope
  33. Conviction
  34. Forgiveness
  35. Faith
  36. Grace

We strive for the children to go home knowing what each virtue means to God and how to live it as they interact with others, and they become a little bit more like Jesus every day.

OK, who can come to Soul Summit?

The ministry is geared primarily to teach children about God from 4 years old through 4th grade by engaging them at their level of understanding and experience.

It is also meant to be a safe training environment for middle and high school kids to learn how to serve others and encourage the younger ones to pursue a relationship with God.

Of course, parents are also welcome and encouraged to join us in teaching and demonstrating God’s virtues to these children.

Many people invest their time every week putting a Soul Summit production together. In fact, Soul Summit is run by an all-volunteer team. The complete list of roles is…

  • Welcome/Sign-in
  • Credible Host
  • Comic Host
  • Worship Leader
  • Motions Leader 
  • Teacher
  • Show Producer
  • 4-year-olds Leader
  • 5-year-olds Leader
  • 1st Grade Leader
  • 2nd Grade Leader
  • 3rd Grade Leader
  • 4th Grade Leader
  • Skit Coordinator
  • Actress – Cammie
  • Actress – Sam(antha)
  • Actor – Marshall
  • Actor – Tyler
  • Actor – Gordo 
  • Actor – Vinny
  • Actor – Grandpa Henry
  • Actress – Mrs. F

Following is a descriptive list of the adult roles in Soul Summit…

Roles Description
Children’s Pastor staff leader of Judson Baptist Church Children’s ministry
Welcome/Sign-in welcomes children & parents, facilitates sign-in process, administrative
Credible Host participates in Welcome skit as a reputable, trustworthy character
Comic Host participates in Welcome skit as funny, farcical character
Worship Leader leads praise and worship singing
Motions Leader leads hand motions during worship
4- & 5-year-old Leaders leads pre-K and K children to LIFE Group at ‘Split’ (before message)
1st Grade Leader sits among children and leads 1st graders to LIFE Group
2nd Grade Leader sits among children and leads 2nd graders to LIFE Group
3rd Grade Leader sits among children and leads 3rd graders to LIFE Group
4th Grade Leader sits among children and leads 4th graders to LIFE Group
Skit Coordinator prepares skits, actors, and directors; coordinates backstage
Skit Director runs drama rehearsal on Wednesday nights; directs blocking
Actor – Grandpa Henry adult male actor – grandfather of Gordo
Actor – Mrs. F. adult female actor – mother of Gordo
Lesson Teacher gives the message associated with the virtue
Show Producer prepares all audio & video aspects of Soul Summit

For those interested in joining in what we are doing in Soul Summit, and for those parents of youth who want to participate as well, our vision is to have multiple volunteers for each role. This way, everyone has the opportunity to serve in Soul Summit as much or as little as they are able. We are very sensitive to ensuring that anyone serving can also attend church services and LIFE groups.

We ask that you consider making a commitment to participate in Soul Summit from promotion Sunday of the school year (in August) until the next promotion Sunday the following year. For the youth who are interested in serving with us, we defer to their parents to direct and determine their level of participation.

And when does Soul Summit meet?

Soul Summit meets the first hour of services Sunday mornings (9:00AM), which means that those who are in Soul Summit will be able to join the second church service or their LIFE group that meets the second hour (10:30AM).

Soul Summit does not meet on Sundays when Judson has only one morning service. On these mornings, all Soul Summit workers and children attend worship together. In a month with five Sundays, the children’s service is a Missionary Sunday, which provides specific focus on heroes of the faith or a local missionary who will speak to and share with the children that morning.

Where does Soul Summit meet?

Soul Summit meets in the Soul Summit Clubhouse (room 3105-A on the third floor) in the main education center of the church.

So, what’s it like in Soul Summit?

Soul Summit is where kids can come to learn how to worship God, sing to Him, pray to Him and talk about whatever is important to them, give tithes and offerings, and hear what Jesus did for them and how He wants them to live. Oh, and we have LOTS of fun, too! The skits are funny and entertaining.

Each week, the kids learn about one of the virtues — a part of the character of God — and how God wants them to live out that virtue. We say that His virtues are something that God does in us to change the world around us.

Who do I speak to if I have any questions?

You can speak to any of the leaders of Soul Summit. We welcome your questions, concerns, insights, and suggestions.

Nick & Tiffany Anton (615) 708-5037 (615) 293-1322

Phil & Julie Robertson (615) 595-9611

Everything we do is under the guidance and leadership of God and our Children’s Pastor:

Jack Oliver (615) 833-6600

We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit our blog! If you are visiting our church and have children ages 4 years old through 4th grade, bring them to Soul Summit!

Parents are welcome to worship with us, too!

Children are the focus of our ministry. We have dedicated our time and energies to teaching them about God and the saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We meet every Sunday of the month in the Soul Summit clubhouse at 9:00AM (except for holidays and the fifth week for months that have 5 Sundays).

Why Do We Have Soul Summit?

July 14, 2008 in 2. About Soul Summit | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | by Nick Anton

One of our monthly virtues in Soul Summit was the virtue of Resourcefulness. Our application tool was duct tape, and for every story you told us about your resourcefulness, we set aside 2 inches of it. We told you that if we got enough tape from your stories, we’d tape Mr. Phil to the wall at the end of this month. So, did you hear what happened???

Take a look…

We thought you’d never ask! Here are some shots from over the years in the clubhouse…

Come join us!!

Part of what we do in Soul Summit is read part of the Bible and see what God’s Word has to teach us each week. For the kids who remember to bring their Bibles with them, they get a Dum Dum lollipop as a reward – it’s just something we always do – even for the adults (my favorite is grape)!

Which makes me wonder… what’s your favorite Dum Dum flavor?



Leave a comment, and vote to decide the most popular Dum Dum flavor!!

Do you like…

  • Blu Raspberry
  • Butterscotch
  • Cherry
  • Cream Soda
  • Grape
  • Peach
  • Root Beer
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Sour Apple
  • Fruit Punch
  • Orange Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Bubble Gum
  • Cotton Candy
  • Cherry Cola
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Coconut-Pineapple
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Tangerine
  • Ashlynn Coconut
  • the Mystery flavor

Don’t misunderstand, Soul Summit is not another Sunday School, although we study God’s Word … it’s not just play time, although we have fun singing and praising God … it’s not simply child care, although we teach kids to love and care for each other.

Soul Summit is everything “big church” is for adults, geared toward the understanding and enjoyment of children. We make learning about God fun, meaningful, and memorable. From praise & worship to tithe & offering to a message & invitation, we teach kids what to expect and how to behave in a real church service.

Each month, we focus on a different one of God’s virtues and study it every week with relevant Bible stories and practical application. Your children will come home knowing what each virtue means to God and how to show it to others as they become a little bit more like Jesus.

Here is a list of the virtues we will cover over the next three years.

God loves all of us very much!!

Coming to Soul Summit this week?