Don’t misunderstand, Soul Summit is not another Sunday School, although we study God’s Word … it’s not just play time, although we have fun singing and praising God … it’s not simply child care, although we teach kids to love and care for each other.

Soul Summit is everything “big church” is for adults, geared toward the understanding and enjoyment of children. We make learning about God fun, meaningful, and memorable. From praise & worship to tithe & offering to a message & invitation, we teach kids what to expect and how to behave in a real church service.

Each month, we focus on a different one of God’s virtues and study it every week with relevant Bible stories and practical application. Your children will come home knowing what each virtue means to God and how to show it to others as they become a little bit more like Jesus.

Here is a list of the virtues we will cover over the next three years.

God loves all of us very much!!

Coming to Soul Summit this week?